How long will the lashes stay on for?

The long lasting adhesive will keep your lashes securely in place all day and night, however it is recommended that you remove false lashes prior to using eye makeup remover, washing your face or taking a shower.

Do the lashes come with glue?

Lash Addiction adhesive is sold separately. There are two different kinds of adhesive for false lashes: Fabulous Eyelashes Stick-It Adhesive in black and clear formulas for the strip lashes and Fabulous Eyelashes Dab-It Adhesive in clear for individual flare lashes.

Can I reuse the lashes?

Yes, once you have removed the lashes from your eye gently peel off any excess glue from the band and store lashes in their original packaging.

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How do I apply the lashes on myself?

Finish all your makeup first, including a thin line of eyeliner, then apply a light layer of glue to the false eyelash band. Wait about 30 seconds before you apply the lash strip to the natural lash line starting in the middle and working your way to the corners of the eye. It takes a bit of practice but putting false lashes on yourself is easy to master.

Do I need to use mascara when I wear false lashes?

You can definitely skip the mascara when you wear lashes—it depends on which lash style you use and the look you are trying to achieve.

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